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Data Analytics for Higher Education

Improving STEM Education Using a Participatory, Social and Collaborative Architecture for Learning:

This research focuses on understanding the most effective ways to use information technologies for STEM undergraduate education. We have partnered with the Mathematics department and focus on Calculus I and II classes. The Discuzz project is a partnership with Microsoft Corporation to use their emerging social networking technologies (Discuzz system) in a calculus II class the Summer 2012 and use the other five Calculus II sections as control group.

Related Publications:

31 SONET-MATH: Using Social Networks to Learn Mathematics [PDF]
Authors: Ivan Garibay, Ozlem Ozmen Garibay, Amanda Koontz, Lori Dunlop-Pyle and, Michael Georgiopoulos.
Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Conference. Hartford, Connecticut, July 31-August 3, 2013.
24 SONET-MATH: Social Networks for Mathematics, Pilot Program Report, Summer 2012 [PDF]
Authors: Ivan Garibay, Ozlem Ozmen Garibay, Amanda Koontz, Lori Dunlop-Pyle.
Technical Report-11-12, Complex Adaptive System Laboratory, University of Central Florida (2012) [BibTeX entry]



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