This dataset contains face images of celebrities, politicians and scientists in different ages and poses. The annotations per image include gender, age and identity of the person in the image. The age variations are from 3 to 101 years old. In the paper mentioned bellow, they have used AgeDB dataset for different experiments including age estimation, age invariant face verification and face age progression. The link for download can be found on

Here is some information regarding this dataset:

  • Number of images in the dataset: 12,240 images

  • Number of identities: 440 subjects

If you use this dataset:

Please make sure to use the dataset for non-commercial research purposes only (Terms of Use). The detailed Terms of Use can be found on

Please make sure to cite the paper:

S. Moschoglou, A. Papaioannou, C. Sagonas, J. Deng, I. Kotsia, S. Zafeiriou. AgeDB: The First Manually Collected, In-the-wild Age Dataset. Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR-W), 2017.

keywords: Vision, Image, Face, Age Estimation, Face Verification, Celeb Faces