Chest X-Ray Images Pneumonia

Chest X-Ray Images (Pneumonia)

This dataset contains X-Ray images of patients suffering from Pneumonia in comparison with X-Ray images referring to normal condition. For more information please refer to data files can be downloaded separately for training, testing and validation available on Kaggle

Here is some information regarding this dataset:

  • Number of images in the dataset: 5863 images (5216 images for training, 624 images for test and 16 images for validation)

  • Number of classes: 2 (Normal or Pneumonia)

  • Image resolution is different for the image samples.

If you use this dataset:

Please make sure to read the License carefully which is available on

Please make sure to cite the paper:

D. S. Kermany, M. Goldbaum, W. Cai, et al. Identifying Medical Diagnoses and Treatable Diseases by Image-Based Deep Learning. Cell, 2018.

keywords: Vision, Image, Biology and Health, X-Ray, Classification