This dataset contains color images of objects at every 5 angles in a 360 degree rotation. The dataset was collected by the Center for Research on Intelligent Systems at the Department of Computer Science, Columbia University. This dataset was used in a real-time image recognition study.

Here is some information regarding this dataset:

  • Number of images in the dataset: 7200 images

  • Number of classes: 100 object categories each with 72 poses

  • Image resolution: 128×128

More information can be found in the technical report in bellow, or the Kaggle page

The main page for the dataset can be found on

If you use this dataset:

Please make sure to use the dataset for non-commercial research purposes only (Terms of Use).

Please refer to the technical report in bellow and cite:

S. A. Nene, S. K. Nayar and H. Murase, Columbia Object Image Library (COIL-100), Technical Report CUCS-006-96, February 1996.

keywords: Vision, Image, Classification, Object Detection, Rotation