Human Protein Atlas Image

Human Protein Atlas Image:

This dataset contains protein images of human body available from the Human Protein Atlas Image Classification Competition on Kaggle or from The Human Protein Atlas page The dataset might be either used for the Kaggle Competition, research and education and non-commercial purposes. Please refer to the competition rules on Kaggle for more information about the Terms of Use and the Rules regarding the dataset

Here is some information regarding this dataset:

  • Number of classes: 28 categories as integers from 0 to 27, each referring to a human protein.

  • Available separate datafiles for training and testing with three resolutions: 512×512 PNG, 2048×2048 TIFF, 3072×3072 TIFF

If you use this dataset:

Make sure to use the dataset for non-commercial purposes only.

keywords: Vision, Image, Biology and Health, Classification, Protein, Cell, Object Detection