This dataset contains images which are organized according to the WordNet hierarchy (WorldNet 3.0) in which every node refers to up to thousands of images. Each concept in WorldNet is described by synonym sets (synsets) which are words and phrases. ImageNet aims to have 1000 images per synset on average.

Because the images are subject to copyright and ImageNet does not own the images, only thumbnails and URLs of the images are available by ImageNet. The original image dataset can only be provided to students and researchers under certain conditions. Also image data is available for download (only for educational purposes) through Visual Recognition Challenges by registration.

The following information is from

  • Number of non-empty synsets: 21841

  • Number of images: 14,197,122

  • Number of images with bounding box annotations: 1,034,908

  • Number of synsets with SIFT features: 1000

  • Number of images with SIFT features: 1.2 million

  • Number of categories: 22,000 with 500-1000 images per category

The ImageNet URLs can be downloaded from the following link:

To access the WorldNet hierarchy and the WorldNet documentation, please refer to the following link:

The complete information about the dataset and contact link for download can be found at: and

Find information about the ImageNet Object Localization Challenge available on Kaggle:

keywords: Vision, Image, Classification, Natural Images