NLST: National Lung Screening Trial

NLST: National Lung Screening Trial:

This dataset contains images of the screening tests of patients suffering from lung cancer collected during a controlled clinical trial. The patients participated in a study for about 6.5 years of follow-up, while they were randomly divided into two groups of either receiving a low-dose helical CT screening or a single-view chest radiography. The dataset is not public, and a research proposal is required to gain access and download the dataset. To obtain more information regarding the research details or to request to gain access to the dataset, please refer to or Additionally, a detailed description regarding the dataset participants, CT screening and abnormalities, X-Ray screening and abnormalities, diagnostic procedures, treatment, cause of death and so many other useful information about the dataset is available on

Here is some information regarding this dataset:

  • Number of images in the dataset: 21,082,502

  • Number of subjects: 26,254

  • Total Images Size in TB: 11.3

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keywords: VisionImage, Biology and Health, CT, Classification, Cancer