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SALICON: This image dataset which is also a mouse tracking dataset, has been created from a subset of images from a parent dataset called MS COCO 2014 (available on with an additional annotation type “fixation”. The visual attentional data for this dataset is collected by using mouse tracking methods. The research work related to…

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SUN: This dataset contains thousands of color images for scenes recognition provided by Princeton University. The images include environmental scenes, places and objects. To create the dataset, WordNet English dictionary is used to find any nouns completing the sentence “I am in -a place-“ or “Let’s go to -the place-“ and data samples are manually…

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LSUN: This dataset contains millions of color images for scenes and objects which is far bigger than ImageNet dataset. The labels for this dataset are available based on human’s effort for labeling in conjunction with several different image classification models. The images are from parent databases Pascal Voc 2012 and 10 Million Images for 10…

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