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Infectious Disease Spread: Flu

Infectious Disease Spread: Flu

This dataset contains information about the Flu virus spreading between healthy and infected students by having close interactions. The nodes refer to almost the entire school population and the edges refer to the interactions with different durations. Most of the contacts are short time. More information about the dataset and links of download can be found on and the two publications on the dataset.

Here is some information regarding the dataset:

  • Number of Nodes: 788 individuals (655 students and 73 teachers, 55 staff, 5 other)

  • Number of Edges: 2,148,199 Close Proximity Records (762,868 interactions with a mean duration of 2.8 CPRs (~1min) or 118,291 interactions with mean duration of 18.7 CPRs (~6min)

Detailed information about the dataset can be found on the papers:

M. Salathe, M. Kazandjieva, J. W. Lee, P. Levis, M. W. Feldman, J. H. jones, A High-Resolution Human Contact Network for Infectious Disease Transmission, In Proceedings of National Academy of Science (PNAS), 2010.

m. Kazandjieva, J. W. Lee, M. Salathe, M. W. Feldman, J. H. Jones, P. Levis, Experiences in Measuring a Human Contact Network for Epidemiology Research, Proceedings of the ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Embedded Networked Sensors (HotEmNets), 2010.

Keywords: Network, Biology and Health, Spreading Phenomena, Epidemic Process, Disease, Flu, Time Series